I have a roommate!!

November 2, 2010

It’s official! Kandice and I are in the Disney roommate matching/notification system! :]

Kandice is a girl I met through the WDWCP Spring 2011 group. She’s from Texas, and does color guard in a drum corps! Basically awesome.

So we’ve been planning what to buy and how to decorate our room.. So far we’ve kind of decided on hot pink and zebra. There are these pink sheets with white polka dots from Target that are super cute.. Also there are these pink sequin curtains, but I’m not actually sure if we can have curtains. We’ll figure out a lot of stuff when we arrive. Only 67-ish days until I leave!

Also, my sister Shelby is coming with my mom and I for check-in and everything. I think my mom’s happy to have someone to hang out with while I’m checking in and in my housing meeting and training and everything the first couple of days. We’re all flying down Saturday, January 8th, I’m checking in Monday the 10th, and they’re leaving Wednesday the 12th. We’re not visiting the parks. Instead, since we’ll have a rental car (something we’ve never had on any of our vacations), we’re going to visit resorts, shop at the outlet mall and City Walk, and things like that. We also might ride the monorail loops just for funsies, haha :]

I wish I could start planning more stuff.. But until my seasonal job starts up (which kind of makes me irritated that it hasn’t yet…), I can’t purchase anything in advance or really do anything except talk and plan with Kandice. Which is nice.. But I wish I could actually -do- something.

So, I know I’ve been neglecting this blog. I’ll try to remember to post when stuff happens or when new plans are made. Maybe like twice a week or something.. If anything even happens that often, haha.



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