Twenty-nine (thirty-one..) days!!

December 10, 2010

It’s 29 days until I leave for Orlando :]] And 31 days until check-in!!

For the next three or so weeks, I’ll be continuing my full-time work at a toy warehouse. I seriously enjoy this job. It sounds like lamesauce, picking and packing and shipping boxes of toys. However, the people here are really what make it awesome. Plus, I’m working in the post office area of the warehouse this year, so I’m working with pretty much the same group of ladies every day. I like this way better than last year (when I worked in the regular areas of the warehouse) because I never got to know anybody and I just felt like another trained monkey packing boxes. In the post office, we actually have the opportunity to talk with each other and things like that.

And I mean, the work isn’t bad either :] Sometimes it sucks, like when you have to haul a boatload of heavy trampolines/pogo sticks/plasma cars/y-bikes/art tables/wooden block sets/easels/sand and water tables/etc.. But the rest of the time it’s pretty easy stuff.

I haven’t done a lot as far as Disney preparations lately, other than regularly chatting on the Facebook group my roommates and I created. On Black Friday my mom bought me a new sheet set to take to Florida.

The picture makes them look more purpley, but they’re really hot pink.

And that’s about all I have for my room so far.

I am sooo tired. Good night!



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