Thirteen days until I leave!

December 26, 2010

I leave Omaha in thirteen days. Holy freakin’ cow.

Christmas was pretty spectacular :] I received a lot of gifts that will be useful for my Disney adventure! I got a luggage set, a new pair of sneakers (hot pink Nikes!), a photo album book frame thing filled with family pictures, an umbrella that folds up teeny, a Toy Story 3 calendar, my sister gave me Hickory Farms beef sticks and mustard (because they don’t need to be refrigerated until they’re opened, so I can throw them in my suitcase).

Some of my other favorite gifts (which will undoubtedly be taken to Florida as well) include my Dooney wristlet, the greatest Harry Potter hoodie ever (from Joey!), and a couple Old Navy fleece pullovers.

My aunts and uncles sent gift cards :]] I’m preeeetty sure I’m going to spend them this week… On a Flip video camera! I think it would be a pretty easy way to more or less document my time in Florida this spring. Not necessarily start a vlog, since I have this super awesome blog, but just to kind of take videos as an alternative to still photos.

One of the blogs I follow is doing a daily post thinger where one day you post your favorite Disney villain, the next day you post your favorite Disney sidekick, your favorite Disney song,  etc etc. I’m thinking about doing that simply to get in the habit of posting more than every three weeks, haha.

I’m also thinking about doing a Project 365, starting January 1st. If you don’t know what that is, basically you just take a photo every day for one whole year. You can post them to your blog or just hold onto them, whatever. You don’t have to post them all on the correct day necessarily (life gets busy sometimes), but you have to at least take the photo each day. Sometimes people take a photo of themselves (or someone else) every day for a year, to see the growth and change. I’ll most likely take the course of taking a photo of really whatever I happen to take a photo of, haha. I’m curious to see if I’ll remember to do it past January.

If there’s anyone out there actually reading this, feel free to post a comment.. I’d actually love to know if I have any readers, haha.



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  1. I’m a reader! I love your blog!

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