Thinking About Packing

December 30, 2010

I was inspired by this post in a WDW CP blog that I read, where the author mathematically figured out approximately how many free, wear whatever she wanted to wear days she had. I followed her same formula, and came up with 34 entire days to wear what I please. Although, that’s not counting time before and/or after work where I don’t have to be in costume.

At least it gave me a kind of estimate as to how much clothing I actually need to pack.

I’m also limiting myself to one suitcase (the largest one, of course! haha) for my clothes. What doesn’t fit, doesn’t go. I hope that’ll work out well for me.

In my second-largest suitcase will be my shoes (two pairs of sneakers, three pairs of dress shoes, two pairs of flip flops, and one pair of work shoes [that can be returned if my location changes between now and check-in]) and my assorted bathroom things.

My carry-on will contain the breakable items (photo frames and a couple dishes), with my linens (bedding and towels) acting as packing material, of sorts. Of course the breakables will be wrapped in newspaper and placed in a couple boxes, but my hope is that the towels will pad them from being shaken all around the suitcase.

And then my “personal item” (read: tote bag) will hold my electronics (laptop, phone, iPod, video camera, with chargers), as well as my small purse.

The random things that I haven’t really outlined (water bottle, calendar, reusable bags, combination lock.. stuff like that) will just be in whatever suitcase they it. I’m not too concerned about that.

Tonight I started making a master packing list. I plan on assigning a color to each bag when I’m packing, and highlighting each item on my list in the appropriate color. That way, when I’m in Orlando a couple days before check-in, if I need something out of one of my bags, I’ll know where it should be. Of course, I might not even need to use that little feature of my obsessive-compulsive packing, but if I do need to find something, it should help.

I’m not going to do any packing-related things for a couple days, though. I need to let my lists and plans and things sit for a while.



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