Catching up with the past month…

February 4, 2011

Yeah, so, all the CP blogs I read before coming here didn’t lie. I really am too busy working or too busy sleeping to ever update this, let alone keep up with my emails or Facebook or anything. I am so tired all the time, but work is so much fun :]

So let’s start off with a brief recap of check-in and training.

I checked in on Monday, January 10th at the Vista Way apartments. After checking in and getting our housing assignment (which there was a mix-up with, but it got fixed the next day), we were bussed to Casting where we found out our location. I officially found out that I would be working Main Street West, AKA The Emporium!

Tuesday we had off to unpack and go grocery shopping and whatever.. I had stayed at Pop Century with Mom and Shelby Monday night, so we made our way back to Chatham Square (where I’m living) and got my housing stuff fixed and then I started to unpack. While I was unpacking, Mom and Shelby went to Downtown Disney for a bit, and they went up in the Characters in Flight balloon. They also went to the Polynesian and watched Wishes from there. After Wishes, they picked me up and we went to Publix for groceries.

Wednesday morning Mom and Shelby picked me up and we went to Waffle House for breakfast. It was super delicious.. I don’t know why we don’t have a Waffle House at home. I had a chocolate chip waffle and a hashbrown patty thing.. Yummm. I had Traditions that afternoon, and Mom and Shelby’s flight was leaving that evening while I was at Traditions. Back at my apartment, we said our goodbyes and they drove off.

Traditions was informative, but a little long. Getting my name tag was super cool :]]]

In the days after Traditions, I had a sort of Magic Kingdom tour day, where a bunch of us who would be working in MK learned about the park. On that day, we saw a proposal in Town Square :] That day was really fun. We also got to ride Haunted Mansion and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. At the end of that day we all went to Costuming and checked out our first set of costumes. I love the winter coat that’s part of my costume :]

The day after that, I was in costume in the Emporium. It was a sort of Emporium-specific tour-ish day, with some training videos and whatnot thrown in. On that day, we were allowed to watch the 3 o’clock parade, since our trainer said we’d never be able to watch it since we’d always be working while it was going on. We also watched the flag retreat at 5pm. During the 3 o’clock parade, we were waving at the characters.. Tiana and Naveen waved back at us, and Naveen mouthed the words, “Welcome to the family,” at us! It was so awesome :]]

Let’s see.. After that I had a class at Disney University all about working in merchandise. We got to practice on training registers, so that was helpful.

Then I had two days of on the job training with Helen. She was a really good trainer :] However, the training days really only included register work, not really door greeting or merchantaining. So when I got my first door greeter assignment, I was like, “I guess I just stand here and wave and say hi to people…?” So I wish the training at least went over the other assignments we can receive.

I worked for about a week and a half.. Nothing too exciting. I did go to Epcot and Animal Kingdom by myself somewhere in there, on my days off.

Wednesday, January 26th, I trained in baby care and stock. Kenethia was my trainer that day.. She was a really good trainer too :] The hardest thing about stock is just knowing where all the stock rooms are and knowing what is in each stock room.

So since then I’ve just been working and going to the parks on my days off. It’s pretty much super fun :]

Speaking of going to the parks…

On January 24th, Margot (one of my roommates) and I had a Day of Adventure! We started off at Animal Kingdom in the morning, and then went to Hollywood Studios that afternoon/evening. We accomplished Kilimanjaro Safari, Expedition Everest (I think twice?), Flights of Wonder (the bird show.. which wasn’t actually super creepy like I thought it would be), and Dinosaur at AK. We ate lunch there, at Pizzafari. At HS we saw Beauty and the Beast, the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, and Rock N Roller Coaster like twice. Before Beauty and the Beast we got Mickey on a Stickies (…Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars.), and then later that night we went to 50’s Prime Time Cafe for PBJ milkshakes! Yummm!

On February 1st, I went to MK with Lindsay (an Emporium CP), so we could basically experience “the rest of the park”. I won’t talk about the rides we did, ’cause that’s kind of boring. We did get hats at The Chapeau first thing in the morning! I got the ones that look like Mickey’s pants, haha, and I also got my name embroidered on the back. In Castle Couture, we were sprinkled with pixie dust :] And in Fantasyland, Peter Pan asked us if we wanted to play a game with him.. We ended up playing follow the leader with Peter and about four little kids, hahaha :] Splash Mountain had opened up that day from its January refurb.. They added lap bars. It adds some time to the loading/unloading process, but I think it’s a good change. Space Mountain’s stand-by time was listed at 20 minutes, but it was basically a walk-on. We made our way back up to Town Square for the 5pm flag retreat.. Then we headed over to Studios to ride Rock N Roller Coaster, haha :] We rode it 4 times (it was also a walk-on..), and then got in line for Toy Story Midway Mania at 6:59, right before they closed off the queue. It was a really, really productive day.

Today I’m working at 3:30pm. I’ve basically been working afternoons and nights, but I’ve gathered that’s when most of the CPs work. It’s fine though.. It works with my internal clock. I’m fine with staying up late and waking up at 10:30am :]

In conclusion, I was making those Pillsbury holiday sugar cookies last night, and burned my hand on the cookie sheet. Good story, right? :]



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