Team Blue Pants!

February 6, 2011

Yesterday I had my first stocking shift.. Since my regular costume is a long skirt, we’re not allowed on the ladders in the stock rooms. It’s a safety thing, you know? So when the women of the Emporium have stocking shifts, we have to wear a different costume. One that includes pants.

Really, really flattering pants.


So Cori and I were stocking women’s apparel yesterday.. We decided that we’re Team Blue Pants now. But whenever you say “Team Blue Pants!” you have to put your hands on your hips and lunge.

Don’t ask. We were really tired. It was past midnight.

Then when we were done working, Cori, Lindsay, and I went to T Bell. Freakin’ delicious :]

Today I work 7pm – 1am.

I need new shoes. The Dr. Scholl’s I got from Walmart don’t fit me right, and they hurt the sides of my feet by my pinky toes. I wish we could wear Crocs, because I’m seriously at that point in not even caring what my shoes look like, as long as they’re comfy (and follow The Disney Look).

I got a package in the mail from the Valentine’s Day Fairy yesterday :]]

This is a really random post. Sorry about that.



One comment

  1. Haha I hear you on the attractive costumes! We call ours parachute pants and whenever you complain about them someone will undoubtedly start singing MC Hammer. Glad you’re having fun! : )

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